Stitchfix #1 – My First “Fix”

Unless you have been living under a rock there have been a plethora of services that have hit the blogosphere to make ones life uber convenient.

From eyeglasses to food – I am dubbing 2016 “The Year of Convenience”.

It was only a matter of time before I jumped on the bandwagon with what I hope to be a monthly fix of fashion.

Yup – I have joined Stitchfix, the monthly subscription service where after filling out a pretty detailed style profile, your stylist will hand select 5 clothing and accessory items that will arrive on your doorstep each month.

The cost for this service is a $20 “styling fee” which is applied to your order if (and probably when) you decide which item(s) will have a “fix”ure in your closet.  If you decide all the items are “must haves” then you receive an additional 25% off your total purchase.

So since I am trying to jazz up my wardrobe with some new items and I hate to go shopping, I thought this would be a win-win.   I figured I would give it a try and worse comes to worse I could cancel my subscription, as you can cancel at any time.

With bated breath – I filled out my styling profile, linked my Pinterest Account (to give my stylist an idea of clothes and accessories I would more inclined to wear, and waited until the end of December for Christmas to arrive (again) at my doorstep.

Christmas (after Christmas)

I was very excited (can’t you tell) to see what Stephanie had chosen for me.  I loved how the package can neatly wrapped along with a note welcoming me to the Stitchfix family, a note from my stylist as to why she chose certain items and for me who is a total noob when it comes to styling – personalized style cards that I could use to “complete my look”.

My First Styling Card - January 2015 Personalized Stitch Fix Card

I should have taken a picture of all of the individual pieces (don’t worry I will fully document my Fix next month.  However of the five pieces that were selected for me – I decided to keep the Just Black Dolce Bootcut Jean, the Jolli Knit top and the Charter Pre-Layered Necklace (which is hard to see from this picture.


Both items were very soft, well made and I loved how they both fit and felt on me.

I am a bit “hippy” so it has been not so easy to find pants that not only fit but look flattering – the Just Black Dolce pants checked off both of those boxes for me.  Who knows how long it would have taken me to find just such a pair of jeans traipsing around the mall.

All in all I am super happy I decided to try Stitch Fix out – I can see why so many find this addicting and can’t wait for my next Fix next month.  Until then I will be actively going on my Pinterest Fashion Board so Stephanie can make some awesome choices for me in February


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    I’ve been debating whether or not to do this, I feel like I should probably give it a try! I tried BirchBox for awhile but got bored, and my bathroom was overflowing with samples!

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      I can totally understand that. Not sure how birth box works but I know with this subscription service you can skip a month without having to deactivate your account. I can also see how this might be good for my wardrobe but not my wallet. For now its a nice thing to look forward to at the end the month.

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    I love the idea of subscription services where you can return what you don’t like and keep what you love. I’ve been doing a similar subscription with Rocksbox where you get three items to try and can exchange as frequently as you like each month.

    But clothes? Now this sounds fun! I’ll need to explore it more! Can you let me know what the average cost of items are? Or do you get to pick your specific price points?
    In any case…this sound fun! And who doesnt’ LOVE getting packages each month!

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      I agree – it’s the sheer surprise and anticipation that I love BUT I would love the frequent exchanges to get the “perfect” set 5 pieces.

      You can choose your price points – for example I chose my price points to be around $50 for tops and less than $100 for bottoms.

      You also have the option each month to leave your stylist a note to let her know if you are interested in specific pieces.

      I will have to look into Rocksbox.

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      I know – I also love that I can “cancel at any time” with no penalty. It’s a great option to expand your wardrobe from the comfort of your home.


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